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This law firm specializes in personal injury law. When we received this project, the website did not contain the necessary search engine optimization to rank for the keywords its target audience was searching for online. We rebuilt the website to achieve organic ranking. We ran Adwords campaigns to bring in traffic as the site established itself online. As the site received more organic traffic, we decreased our dependence on Adwords. In a few months, the site was receiving all of its traffic from search engines. This site is now the top personal injury law website for the Tristate NY and NJ area. Our services have significantly increased the leads this law firm receives from clients seeking legal advice and representation.


This company offers the first beauty tech spa product on the East Coast. When we received the project, the website was not ranking on search engines, and it lacked website conversion. We created a brand new website for them keeping the target audience in mind – female clients interested in weight loss. We used the latest in eye tracking technology to find out where visitors to the site were looking. Once we knew that, we designed the site to increase conversion rates. With our search engine optimization efforts, this website is now ranking for some of the most popular keywords for weight loss in New Jersey.

Island Musculoskeletal Care

Long Island Musculoskeletal Center’s website came to us with no traffic at all. Their site was improperly optimized for search engines and it didn’t tell its web visitors what the center had to offer them. We redesigned the website to show visitors the benefits of choosing this musculoskeletal center by pointing out that they do all of their testing and procedures out of their offices. We also wanted to show that there was more than one location to receive care, so visitors had no reason not to seek their services. Long Island Musculoskeletal Care is now ranking for many of the top orthopedic surgery terms people search for in the area.

Neurology Pain Treatment

Neurology Pain Treatment is run by one of the only 200 doctors in the United States certified in pain management and headaches. While this is a notable credential, it was unknown because the website did not rank when people searched for his services. We rebuilt the website to promote his experience, education, and the testing and procedures he performs. We also started a partnership with as a referral source. This website now ranks for the most popular neurological and pain management terms.

Dream Weft

Dream Weft started as a retail store. When the owners came to us, their business had no online presence. Their goal was to decrease overhead and move their business online. We built the website, established an online presence, and now they outrank their competitors. This company is now operates solely online. It ranks for the hardest terms online in beauty and remy hair.

Bay Parkway Physicians

Bay Parkway Physicians website did have an online presence when they sought our services. However, they weren’t seeing much traffic and no conversion. We discovered they had scattered keyword ranking. The keywords they were using were targeting multiple audiences, which didn’t bring in as much traffic as they could if it were refined. Besides increasing traffic and conversion rates, they also wanted to open their practice to cosmetic and dermatological procedures and rank for them. We identified the keywords with the highest traffic for all of their branches of practice. We then optimized their site to rank for terms not only having to do with their existing services, but also the new ones such as dermatology New York and botox NYC.

Harry Shapiro

With this project, three doctors wanted to form one website to provide well-rounded medical care. Not only did we take all of the information from the doctors to place on one website, but we also optimized their website to rank for keywords that people would search for when needing each one of the doctor’s services. The result was high traffic numbers to the site because of the multitude of options for keywords. The doctors are now busier than ever with their large patient database thanks to their online presence.

Cacciola Iron Works

Cacciola Iron Works wanted to start a website for their Brooklyn and Manhattan branches. Before they came to us, they virtually had no web presence. A few months later, they ranked #1 for the top terms in iron works for NJ. Now, they have more demand than ever and don’t have to advertise anywhere else.

Custom Poetry Company

A Jewish mom and poet wanted to boost her online business. She turned to SEO Expert Web in hopes we could help her website ranking. We discovered that she was trying to rank for the wrong terms, which is why even the small amount of traffic she received didn’t result in many orders. We identified the keywords of her target audience, put our SEO skills to work, and now she is ranked on the first page of Google for keywords people search for when seeking her services.

Doctor Dan Scarfo

Dan Scarfo is our greatest success story. He came to us wanting to improve his online presence. We designed a site he is proud of, and one that impresses many of his clients. We also were able to do something that not all SEO companies can do. For one of the keywords we sought to rank for his site, we were able to outrank a government website. This is not a common achievement, as Google often ranks government sites well above any other site.

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Within 4 months of beginning SEO, was on page 1 of Google for over 30 competitive keywords, dramatically reducing marketing costs by integrating SEO with an existing PPC campaign.

  • 10,000+ new customers from organic search engine optimization
  • 46 competitive keywords, as well as hundreds of "long-tail" keyword phrases, on page 1 of Google, Yahoo! and MSN
  • Over 10,000 visitors per month from organic traffic, at a cost per acquisition of less than 1/3 of paid search
  • Became the online destination to file taxes late

Anthony For Men

Leading men's grooming products supplier, Anthony For Men, sees sales and traffic increase dramatically through ecommerce redesign and search engine optimization.

  • Visits from non-branded search have tripled since the beginning of the campaign
  • Traffic increased by 500% from non-branded search traffic
  • Goal abandonment dropped from an average of 72% to an average of 63% following a shopping cart redesign
  • Men's grooming guide helps visitors to find the right product for their skin

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Our search engine optimization clients all see their traffic increase month-by-month as the effects of our SEO work take hold. Some projects are on-going and others are concentrated over a short period of time, but in either case, our work has a residual effect that lasts years.


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